ALRA Group (2005 to 2019)

ABOUT ALRA GROUP (2005 to 2019)

Asbestos Liability Risk Analysis (ALRA) Group

Bob Brownson is a founding member of the Asbestos Liability Risk Analysis (ALRA) Group, an organization providing counsel to companies and forecasting the future of asbestos litigation.

In addition to regular forecasting papers, the group recently authored a paper entitled, “Pfizer, Inc. v. Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos, Case Analysis: Parent Company Asbestos Liability.”

The ALRA Group is a team of highly experienced defense lawyers who, for nearly 30 years, have represented international, national, regional, and local defendants in asbestos litigation in every major jurisdiction throughout the United States.

  • ALRA Group members include six preeminent lawyers who have handled and supervised the defense of more than 300,000 asbestos bodily injury cases.
  • Their experience includes work as National Coordinating Counsel for Defendants in diverse industries comprising all major aspects of the products and exposures giving rise to asbestos bodily injury claims.
  • As national, regional, and local state counsel, they have handled trials, settlements, and appeals, of numerous cases, including major consolidated cases ranging from dozens, to thousands, of individual claims, and the major class action cases containing hundreds, to tens of thousands, of individual claims.
  • Most importantly, the hallmark of their efforts has been success amid the shifting, complex sands of asbestos litigation.

Asbestos litigation has bankrupted scores of otherwise viable companies. This trend continues and investors need sound business advice. As members of the ALRA Group, we analyze asbestos risks for business, insurance and financial clients and predict their future asbestos liability.

The ALRA Group has a proven track record in counseling companies about asbestos liability risk management strategies.

Members of the ALRA Group have been at the forefront of developing, analyzing, and presenting, scientific, technical, and medical developments pertaining to asbestos exposure, and disease.

Uniquely, members of the ALRA Group have managed and handled the funding of expense, and settlement, of asbestos bodily injury cases, over a period of many years, for a diverse group of Defendants, and major insurance companies.