Diversity & Inclusion

Brownson PLLC believes that inclusion is the best way to build diversity within the legal community. The firm is committed to not just employing individuals from all walks of life, but also engaging in thoughtful and deliberate discussion to create an inclusive environment within the firm. We celebrate our differences, whether they are race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion or other qualities or characteristics.

Managing Shareholder, Kristi Brownson, is committed to diversity and inclusion in the firm and has been a speaker and writer on the issues of promoting women in the legal profession. Kristi writes:

Hiring, promoting, and retaining women lawyers is a challenge that is universal to all law firms. This is particularly true of a civil litigation practice, where it may be more difficult for a woman to break into a management position.

At Brownson PLLC, we take that challenge seriously and are becoming a leader in the promotion of women in our practice. Brownson PLLC is beating the national percentages in its representation of women lawyers. Women comprise 37.5% of Brownson PLLC attorneys—above the national average. Likewise, of the firm’s owners, 33% are women.

Kristi was recently featured in the Minnesota Attorney at Law Magazine, Women in Law Special Addition, as a top woman attorney. She noted:

If women have an interest in litigation or law office management, I encourage them to do it. It has been a challenge at times to be the only woman in the room, yet sometimes women have a different way of doing things than men, and that can be good for everyone when it’s done with the best interests of the law firm and clients.

On November 1, 2018 Kristi was a Moderator at the national Perrin Diversity & Inclusion in the Legal Industry Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

While Brownson PLLC attorneys practice out of its Minneapolis office, our reputation and practice is respected nationally, where we represent and manage client needs across the United States.

At Brownson PLLC, we believe that we are better able to serve our clients, who also come from various backgrounds, by endeavoring to hire, retain and promote diversity within our firm. It is, after all, our differences that make us better able to creatively serve our clients and our community. As described by Shareholder and Founder Robert Brownson:

We find that a commitment to inclusion enhances our ability produce the best legal product and representation possible. It is a commitment that we highly value.