Brownson PLLC Response to COVID-19

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To Our Valued Clients,

In accordance with Brownson PLLC’s Corporate Business Continuity Plan (“C-BCP”), in its most recent form established on March 21, 2019, Brownson PLLC is dedicated to protecting the health, well-being, and safety of our employees, clients, and business partners and will be converting our office to a remote status starting March 19th, 2020. The firm is equipped with a long-term plan and extensive resources that will allow us to continue to deliver legal services to our clients without interruption, while ensuring security of all client and confidential information.

In that regard, each of our attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff will work remotely to properly handle all day-to-day business and operations. We have procedures in place for all firm functions, including the receipt of mail whether electronic or paper, and meeting all appearance, filing, notice, and calendaring requirements. Additionally, our phone system permits each of our attorneys and paralegals to access any incoming calls from their mobile phones. Finally, our financial staff has protocols in place to respond to all billing inquiries from our clients and business partners. We also have plans in place for performing conflict checks and the opening of new matters for new and existing clients. These systems and procedures are not new at Brownson PLLC; although we are using them in this situation, they have been in place for some time and are well-established and tested.

Our remote protocols are designed to maintain and protect the integrity and privacy of our clients’ and our firm’s data. The firm’s extensive databases are fully accessible, as may be required in the handling of client matters.

In addition to operating remotely, Brownson PLLC is taking the following measures:

  • Managing Shareholder, Kristi Brownson, is spearheading the firm’s response to COVID-19. Any changes in our response actions will be promptly communicated and implemented as conditions may warrant.
  • We have suspended all nonessential business travel, and we have recommended that our staff forego in person meetings while simultaneously focusing on steadfastly protecting our clients’ interests.
  • We have provided thorough guidelines to all employees on COVID-19 protocol which includes, but not limited to; proper handwashing, social distancing, wiping down commonly touched items, avoiding any public interaction which is non-essential and any other guidelines that continually are released and updated by the WHO, CDC, federal, state, and local governments.
  • When appearances are necessary, we are working with opposing counsel, courts, mediators, and court reporters to explore alternatives to in-person appearances, including appearances by video and phone.

Brownson PLLC is mindful of the Order of the Honorable Lori Gildea, Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, who reminds us that access to the law is the first priority of the Minnesota Constitution, and as Officers of the Court, we take this responsibility seriously.

Brownson PLLC is grateful to serve our clients and commitments through this unprecedented time. As the impact of COVID-19 evolves, we will continually adapt thus maintaining best business practices associated with the efficient operation of a national law firm.

Yours very truly,

Kristi Brownson, Managing Shareholder

Robert Brownson, President