Giving Back – Animal Humane Society Walk for Animal

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Our firm is participating in the 2021 Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals—its 50th Anniversary!

Every year, thousands of dogs, cats, and critters come to Animal Humane Society in need of a second chance. AHS works tireless to provide life changing care and support these animals with food, shelter, medical care, and most importantly, the love they deserve. We’ve registered for the Walk for Animals 50th Anniversary to demonstrate our commitment to creating a more humane world for animals.

Every dollar raised for the Walk ensures AHS has the resources to care for and protect every animal that comes through their doors. Please consider giving what you can — either through a donation or by joining our team and helping us raise money for this important cause.

Your support today will help make second chances possible for the animals that need us most. Together, we can make happy new beginnings possible! Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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