Pro Bono Legal Work in 2021

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As a continuing part of the firm’s giving back to the community, Brownson, PLLC Attorney Tim Garvey has provided volunteer legal work in 2021 in two areas. 

Volunteer Lawyers Network- Landlord/tenant law is one of the most frequent areas of law where pro-bono legal help is requested by the Twin Cities community. The need for legal assistance has only increased over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Through the VLN, Tim helps individuals and families navigate the all-too complicated landscape of landlord/tenant law and assists in finding remedies to conflicts between landlords and tenants.

Recently, Tim was successful in negotiating a resolution to a dilemma for a family who had been temporarily forced out of their apartment unit through no fault of their own.  In collaboration with local community leaders, Tim was able advocate for a solution that remedied the families’ losses and returned them to their apartment. 

Asylum Attorney- Immigration law is another area of law where there is great need for pro-bono legal assistance.  Tim has been practicing immigration law on a pro-bono basis since law school.  Currently, Tim represents clients in defensive asylum proceedings at the Fort Snelling Immigration Court.