Brownson PLLC Fur-ternity Policy Makes Headlines

by | Kristi K. Brownson, News | 0 comments

We are very excited to announce our interview with MPR News is out today!  Last week we had the pleasure of sitting down with MPR, and some of our furry friends, to discuss our new Fur-ternity/Paw-ternity policy.

As a long-time animal loving firm, we are truly proud of this policy and are hopeful it motivates other firms to do the same. Pets plays such an important role in our lives, so this policy was a great way to encourage our employees to welcome new pets into their lives by removing the element of stress relating to those first days of introducing the new pet into a new environment.

Check out the article and listen to the interview on MPR’s site: https://www.mprnews.org/story/2018/09/18/companies-expanding-benefits-to-keep-employees