Joe Lulic Wins Trial in Fire Case

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Brownson, PLLC is pleased to announce that Senior Litigation Attorney Joe Lulic has obtained a
defense verdict for the Defendants from a jury in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. In a case entitled,
Nancy Isaacson and West Bend Insurance Company v. John Frey, et. al., Door County,
Wisconsin, Circuit Court, Case No. 21 CV 039, one of the Plaintiffs and Defendant were
neighbors in adjoining homes. Plaintiffs alleged that Joe’s client’s propane- powered outdoor
patio heater started on fire, burning Plaintiff’s adjoining home and causing significant monetary
damages. It was claimed that the Defendant failed to follow the heater manufacturer’s
instructions for the heater. On behalf of our client, Joe argued that the manufacturer’s
instructions calling for leak tests were unreasonable and did not set the standard of care for
consumers such as our client, the Defendant. Joe also called expert witnesses who testified, and
Joe argued, that any “failure” to follow the instructions was not casually related to the fire.”

The jury agreed, and rendered a verdict on April 27, 2023, finding that the defendant was not
negligent in causing the fire.