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Brownson PLLC is pleased to announce that attorneys Kristi K. Brownson and Robert D. Brownson, along with co-counsel, won an important ruling from the United States District Court in Minnesota when Brownson PLLC client Conwed Corporation was dismissed from an asbestos lawsuit for lack of personal jurisdiction in Minnesota. Relying upon recent United Supreme Court decisions restricting where corporations may be sued, Judge Susan Nelson held that Conwed Corporation was not “at home” in Minnesota and cound not be sued there by Kansas residents. After Conwed had earlier succeeded in having the case dismissed in state court in St. Louis, Missouri, the Plaintiffs unsuccessfully contended that because Conwed Corporation manufactured ceiling tile at issue in the case in Minnesota between 1959 and 1974, and maintained a corporate headquarters there until 1985, Minnesota was a proper forum. The Court disagreed, and in its October 10, 2017 ruling sided with Conwed holding that only current contacts with the state should be considered, and dismissed the case for lack of either general or specific personal jurisdiction. Michael P. McGill and Tatyana Bobrova v. Conwed Corporation, U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota, Civil No. 17-01047   (SRN/HB)


Click here to see the Opinion. Dkt 50 – order denying motion to remand & granting PJ MTD